A ferry through Patagonia

On a cold and rainy night we waited inside the Ferry terminal in Puerto Montt for our ferry to arrive. The next few days will be spend in a small four bedroom cabin down the straights of Patagonia and the channels of Chile. The 20 odd souls dressed up in warm jackets eyed each other, a … Read More

Torres del Payne

Puerto Natales is a peaceful town in the south of Chile and the gateway to trekking in the famous Torres del Payne. As we arrived via the ferry into town, Marius already had a place to stay selected for us and we walked up the hill to the town square or Plaza de Armas. The 10 … Read More

Earth of the Fire

Tierra del Fuego has got such an awesome ring to it, and Marius just knows how to pronounce it correctly. The focus needs to be on the Fu~ego. After spending a few days in Punta Arenas and drinking the local beer our plan was to head back to the USA. Seeing that we are so close … Read More

Miami detour

It has been a while since I felt like writing, traveling and experiencing new places are amazing but getting it all down on paper is not always that easy. Since we left South Africa almost two years ago we have captured over 20,000 photos and have made many friends. As our time in South America came … Read More


Being back in Seattle is wonderful, our friends Peter and Rysia welcomed us back into their home with open arms. A few weeks after we settled in we headed for a trip to the Northern cascades. Our journey took us over to Lake Chelan and the wonderful little town of Chelan. We pitched our tent right … Read More

Glacier National Park and Southern Rockies

We started off from Seattle and drove across the Cascade mountains and through Cle Elum, the Wenatchee Forest, across the barren landscapes of Ellensburg and on towards the city of Spokane. After filling our growler in this lovely city at the Steam Plant Brewery and having them wrap it in a paper bag (Thats the law … Read More

A journey to Yellowstone

It is still exhilarating to think that we visited Yellowstone national park. After our vist to Glazier National Park, Marius and I headed down through Montana to meet our friends Rysia and Peter just outside Missoula, Montana. – Theunis (Trip) Rysia, Marius and Peter, behind us Yellowstone National Park   The drive from Glazier took pas … Read More

Yellowstone and TripTurbine

Marius made it abundantly clear that we were not equipped to spend a few nights in our tent while it was snowing and with temperatures well below 0 we were bound to freeze. – Rysia and Trip taking pictures, the picture gives you a good idea of the temperatures in Yellowstone. After looking for an affordable Motel … Read More

The magic of the Tetons

It was a crisp cold morning when we said our sad goodbyes to Rysia, Peter and Janusz in West Yellowstone, our dear friends were heading back to Seattle and we decided to head south to Utah and Archers National Park.     We took the southern road through Yellowstone National Park and headed towards Utah. Marius … Read More

Arches & the Arch of Utah

In the eastern part of Utah lies a little city, Moab. Our journey took us South from Cokeville Wyoming through Park City and Price down into Moab. 359 Miles later we arrived safely at our destination and checked in to the Moab Valley Resort.   Moab is very much a dessert town and have a few … Read More

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