Seabeck on the Hood

Sipping a glass of red wine with great friends around the table our day ended while we watched the sunset over the Olympics and the Hood Canal in front of us.

We had an early start to our day as we headed out to the small village of Seaback, for a day visit to our friends Ben and Nancy. The morning was great and as we left Kent the sky was clear and sunny, Seattle has the most amazing clear blue skies. Crossing the Tacoma Narrows bridge the weather changed dramatically and we drove into a dark cloud of mist, early morning mist is not uncommon across the islands and luckily enough it cleared up in a matter of minutes.

The little village of Seabeck was founded in 1856 by Marshall Blinn and William Adams, doing business as The Washington Mill Company. Today it is just a general store, coffee shop and conference centre and if you going 35mph it takes you about 10 seconds to got through it. Ben and Nancy lives just west of the village and their house is located next to the Hood Canal (wiki).

They have the most magnificent view and you can see the Twin Brothers over the Olympics, their Sea Ray 190 sports motorboat is moored in the front and as you can see the water of the Hood Canal is crystal clear. Marius and I each took a kayak (Ben calls the Funyaks) and spend 2 hours paddling on the Hood.

After lunch we headed out on the Sea Ray and Ben showed us around the Hood Canal, Marius, Ben and Hayley (Ben’s granddaughter), was in the water but it was quite chilly.

As Marius is demonstrating the water is Bear cold.

After the chilly dip, we headed over to Pleasant harbour for some coffee and Ice cream, as its name says the marina is located on the west side of the Hood Canal on Puget Sound in Washington State and is a well protected and deep water harbour, on the Hood Canal

There are actually some people that stay on their boats in the marina

Heading back after a busy day it was time to chill up in the Hot Tub, crack open a bottle of wine and watch the sunset over the mountains