The magic of the Tetons

It was a crisp cold morning when we said our sad goodbyes to Rysia, Peter and Janusz in West Yellowstone, our dear friends were heading back to Seattle and we decided to head south to Utah and Arches National Park.


We took the southern road through Yellowstone National Park and headed towards Utah. Marius is a pro behind the wheel of our Ford Escape, I would say that it was probably the most fun SUV or car we ever owned. Early morning in Yellowstone National Park the rivers are alive with fly fishermen, trying their skill at fly fishing. We stopped along the road for Marius to get a few pictures of their elegant skills.


– Catching Trout in Yellowstone

Just past Jackson lake heading to Moose we un-expectantly encountered the magnificent Teton mountains in the Rocky mountain range.

At approximately 1,300 km2, the Grand Teton National park includes the major peaks of the 64 km long Teton Range as well as most of the northern sections of the valley known as Jackson Hole. Along with surrounding National Forests, these three protected areas constitute the almost 7,300,000 ha of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest intact mid-latitude temperate ecosystems in the world.


– First view

My first reaction was, I’m sure Janusz would have loved to see this as we did offer him the chance to go down south with Marius and myself. Our first stop and the most amazing view was at Colter Bay Village, idyllic is the perfect way to describe it.


– Colter Bay Village


– Colter Bay Harbour

Grand Teton National Park is an almost pristine ecosystem and the same species of flora and fauna that have existed since prehistoric times can still be found there. More than 1,000 species of vascular plants, dozens of species of mammals, 300 species of birds, more than a dozen fish species and a few species of reptiles and amphibians exist.


– View from Colter Bay Village

After devouring our sandwiches and cherries that Rysia left us (Thank you), we continued our journey and were treated to many more views of the Tetons.


– Trip (Theunis) and Marius at the Grand Teton Mountains


Noted for world-renowned trout fishing, the park is one of the few places to catch Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout.