Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Thundering rain clouds and wet grass greet the cold morning. At the crack of dawn, getting into the car I set the GPS to Apple maps, Marius highly upset insist that I use Google maps because the “Apple maps” according to him navigate like me.

Our destination, Bonney Lake which is situated in Pierce County. A wooden castle marks the entrance to the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. Princesses, Knights and common folk line the entrance.

Welcome to the Village of Merriwick.

A fir maiden commences the opening by loudly calling out “Ice cold pickles” and doing provocative and sleazy commoners dance. I spot Robin Hood and his fair Maid Marion in the crowd while crude banter fills the air with old English accents. A parade follows through the gates and the crowd erupts with “God save the Queen”

“Good morrow my good people and welcome to the Town of Merriwick” the Queen pronounces. Some say that the Green Rose sailed out from afar to greet the Queen herself at this festive event. With a three-gun salute, the visitors are welcome a the fair!

We started off with the Robin Hood Show, giving parents a chance to scream at their children in a socially acceptable way Robin entertains the crows both young and old by engaging them in the performance. Soon a large crowd is gathered around us as the show comes together. A dragon, Evil guard, Angel, King, Knight and Princess make up the cast of characters and places the epic tale of “Saint George and the Dragon’.

Around the corner is the Hangman’s Acre and for $5 you can lock up your children or husbands, don’t fear that they might escape as fierce guards look over them and also patrols the streets.

Medieval Knights Jousting is the next great event. Knights from far away countries are urged on to perform for the Queen of England and crowds cheerfully support their brave knights. From England, Sweden, the Stinky boot of Italy to Russia the knight’s joust.

The brave and noble English night

Below the Queen herself

Broon is the juggler and local comedian, his jokes are crude and witty, as we walk pas his performance he goes hey you men with cameras join my show, after that every person walking by he got the best of from come on over emo kids to Red neck Santa.

Don’t forget the rat lady doing everything you can imagine with rats in her 40-minute show.

Marius gets attacked by the giant

There are merchants selling their goods at the fair and people dress up, we had a magnificent time but alas we had to leave before Marius’s face appeared on a Wanted poster, or he walked away with Mirella the Gypsy.