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Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in Washington and the Cascade Range. Mount Rainier has a topographic prominence of 13,211 ft. (4,027 m), greater than K2 at 13,189 ft. (4,020 m). On clear days it dominates the southeastern horizon in most of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area to such an extent that locals sometimes refer to […]

Glacier National Park and Southern Rockies

We started off from Seattle and drove across the Cascade mountains and through Cle Elum, the Wenatchee Forest, across the barren landscapes of Ellensburg and on towards the city of Spokane. After filling our growler in this lovely city at the Steam Plant Brewery and having them wrap it in a paper bag (That’s the […]

A journey to Yellowstone

It is still exhilarating to think that we visited Yellowstone national park. After our visit to Glacier National Park, Marius and I headed down through Montana to meet our friends Rysia and Peter just outside Missoula, Montana. – Theunis (Trip) Rysia, Marius and Peter, behind us Yellowstone National Park The drive from Glazier took pas […]

Yellowstone and TripTurbine

Marius made it abundantly clear that we were not equipped to spend a few nights in our tent while it was snowing and with temperatures well below 0 we were bound to freeze. – Rysia and Trip taking pictures, the picture gives you a good idea of the temperatures in Yellowstone. After looking for an affordable […]

The magic of the Tetons

It was a crisp cold morning when we said our sad goodbyes to Rysia, Peter and Janusz in West Yellowstone, our dear friends were heading back to Seattle and we decided to head south to Utah and Arches National Park.   We took the southern road through Yellowstone National Park and headed towards Utah. Marius […]