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Moto Scooter Diaries – The journey begins

We decided to head out on Friday the 14 February 2014 to Pichilemu from Valparaiso on our Motomel Surfers. The gear: 2 x Motomel 125cc Surfers, 2 x Alltop full face helmets, 2 x Off-road protection jackets, 1 x 6-litre water bottle with extra gas, 2 x Notebook and camera gear bags and 2 x Deuter 40L +10 backpacks. […]

Still alive – Pichilemu

We left La Boca towards Pichilemu on a misty and chilly morning. All gear fastened and secured we headed through the city of Navidad, Rapel and then started southwards via Litueche and El Peumo at Las Dama. The environment was changing rapidly and from almost no trees the hills came alive with rich forests and […]

Talca, Volcanos and waterfalls in the Radal Siete Tazas National Park

Talca is a large city situated inland on Ruta 5, a highway connecting the north to the south of Chile. Rather than taking the easy and long coast route we opted for the more direct route, a 100km dirt road experience via La Pampa, Paredones, Lolo and eventually back on the tarmac at Santa Cruz. […]

The dark vulcan & earthquakes

A travel story always begins at the beginning but today our story begins at a volcano a waterfall and two travellers. Being geared for cold weather the Trip Turbine team headed out to the Parque Nacional Laguna de la Laja, located 98 kilometres outside Los Ángeles, Chile. The 2-hour bus ride took us to the […]

Fables, Villarrica Volcano and Pucon

Driving into Temuco, which is our next destination from Los Ángeles, the weather starts becoming colder and the cloudy sky looks ominous against the Andes mountain backdrop. -A sight not often seen in Temuco, how on earth did it get in here in the middle of the city? Seeing that I forgot my phone in […]

Chiloe & Carretera Austral

So far we have been extremely fortunate with the weather as we slowly make our way further south down Chile. Our next destination is the Island of Chiloe, located on the southwestern side of Chile and it is only accessible via ferry. – Our magnificent view every morning over the port of Castro Passing through […]